Working With Numbers Training

The materials for the Working With Numbers Training are outlined below. You have to be logged in to this site as a Working With Numbers trainee to access the materials. If you don’t have a  Working With Numbers login but are interested in training, please fill out a training application and we’ll follow up with you!

Module 1 Getting Started
Unit 1 Elements of Instruction
Unit 2 Math Checklist
Unit 3 21st Century Skills Background
Unit 4 Hands-On Math Resources
Unit 5 Math Skills and Standards
Unit 6 Basic Student Math Assessment
Module 2 WWN Program Information
Unit 1 WWN Instructor Training Overview
Unit 2 CITF Grant Application Worksheet
Unit 3 Relating to Schools
Unit 4 Training Journeymen/Apprentices to be Instructors
Unit 5 Volunteering Overview
Unit 6 How to Instruct Overview
Unit 7 Evaluation Overview
Unit 8 Sample Evaluation/Critical Thinking Skills
Unit 9 Marketing the Program
Unit 10 Project & Exercise Overview
Unit 11 Skills, Project, Exercises Index
Module 3 21st Century Skills
There are no units in this module.
Module 4 WWN Hands-On Exercises
Unit 1 Gearing Project – Mousetrap Cars
Unit 2 Layout Project & Exercise – Magic Circle & Magic Ruler
Unit 3 Layout Exercise – Drawing a Circle with a Framing Square
Unit 4 Layout Exercise – Ways to Draw an Ellipse
Unit 5 Segmented Arc
Unit 6 Making a Sector
Module 5 Other Resources
Unit 1 How to Run a Community Boat Building Project