We offer a two-step training process for organizations that want to use the Building To Teach hands-on teaching methods and materials to teach math.


Level One – Online Training

When you are approved for online training, you will be given access to materials and resources to become trained in the Fundamentals of Math, Elements of Instruction and the Bevin’s Skiff boat building project. The goals of Level One training are to learn to use the techniques, projects and exercises in the training materials to teach others, and to prepare for Level Two training, which focuses on applying these materials and techniques to individual programs.


Once you have successfully completed Level One training, you can apply for Level Two training by contacting Joe Youcha.


Level Two – In-Person Training

This training is for individuals who have completed Level One training. In-person training takes place during an intensely collaborative 3-day workshop.  The goal of this training is to prepare instructors to successfully apply Building To Teach projects, exercises and methods to their teaching environments. Workshops take place at varying times and locations in the U.S. Costs for this training will vary depending upon underwriting.