Training Materials

Building To Teach promotes project- and competency-based teaching. We believe students learn by doing. Opportunities for math skill instruction and assessment are identified throughout dozens of projects and hands-on exercises. Effective use of these materials requires identifying the intended math skills, defining an assessment technique that fits the teaching environment and familiarization with the project, or exercise. Don’t worry. These materials have been used by hundreds of instructors to teach thousands of students.

Sample Training Materials

  • Instructional Videos

    Instructional Videos

    A number of instructional videos are available, including a step-by-step video guide to teach math concepts by building a full-size Bevin's Skiff.

  • Hands-On Exercises

    Hands-On Exercises

    Hands-On Exercises are a great way to engage students in learning math. We use hands-on exercises to teach foundational math skills and more advanced concepts.

  • Building Projects

    Building Projects

    Building Projects focus students on achieving a goal using math, and they're fun. Projects include building a mousetrap car, a cigar box guitar, and more!