Framing Square Math

The Framing Square can help teach math ranging from Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. Framing square math is visual math. It’s good to see the math at work. That’s why we’ve made this series of videos. Hopefully, they’ll give you an idea of the skills that can be taught, how they can be demonstrated and why this technique is different than the way math usually gets taught.

You can find many similar exercises in the Framing Square Math Book.

‘‘If I’m going to buy one tool to teach hands-on math, it’s going to be a framing square.’’
- Joe Youcha

Framing Square Math Video Gallery

Why Teach Math with a Framing Square?

Draw a Perpendicular Line with Thales

Trigonometry using a Framing Square

Parts of the Framing Square

Algebra using a Framing Square

Pythagorean Theorem

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