Case Study – In School (CTE)

“(Students) are able to take concepts they are using in math class and apply them to boat building in a hands-on way.” — Matt Cupples

Matt Cupples, Kenmore Middle School, Arlington, VA


Teacher:  Matt Cupples

School: While teaching at Francis Hammond Middle School, Alexandria, VA

Grades: 6 & 7

Projects:  Bevin’s Skiff

Math Skills Improvement: Cupples’ students experienced a 25.5% skills increase in post-project testing.


Matt Cupples, a career and technical education teacher, believes that his students are gaining a valuable appreciation for mathematics through programs developed in coordination with the Building To Teach program.


“They are able to take the concepts they are using in math class and apply it to boat building in a hands-on way,” he says. “They are also learning to use technology to solve problems.”


While teaching at the Francis Hammond Middle School, Cupples taught boat building in two of his six classes, using Bevin’s Skiff models through a Building To Teach program. His goal:  for students to use concepts learned in their math classes and apply them directly to building models.