Building To Teach Instructor Training

The materials for Building To Teach Instructor Training are outlined below. You have to be logged in to this site as a Building To Teach trainee to access the materials.  If you don’t have a Building To Teach login but are interested in training, please fill out a training application and we’ll follow up with you!

We ask all new members to please read the “Introduction to Instructor Training” in Module 1 before continuing through the rest of the modules.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction to Instructor Training - PLEASE READ
Module 2 Getting Started
Unit 1 Elements of Instruction
Unit 2 Math Fundamentals
Unit 3 Math Checklist
Unit 4 21st Century Skills Background
Unit 5 Hands-On Math Resources
Unit 6 Math Skills and Standards
Unit 7 Basic Student Math Assessment
Module 3 Hands-On Math Exercises
Unit 1 Overview of Hands-On Exercises
Unit 2 Block Exercises
Unit 3 Framing Square Exercises
Unit 4 Layout Exercises
Unit 5 Magic Circle Exercises
Unit 6 Paper & Pencil Exercises
Unit 7 Unknown Heights Exercises
Module 4 Bevin's Skiff
Unit 1 Building a Skiff to Teach Math
Unit 2 Bevin's Skiff Math Instructor's Guide
Unit 3 Bevin's Skiff Instructor's Guide Video Index
Unit 4 Bevin's Skiff Plans
Unit 5 Bevin's Skiff Models
Unit 6 Glossary of Math and Boat Building Terms
Unit 7 How to Run a Community Boat Building Project
Unit 8 Community-Based Boat Building Checklist
Module 5 Other Hands-On Projects
Unit 1 Cigar Box Guitars
Unit 2 Gearing Project - Mousetrap Cars
Module 6 Other Teaching Resources Related to Small Boats
Unit 1 Small Boat Reference Pages