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We train teachers of all kinds to use proven, hands-on methods, projects and exercises to teach math.

Who We Work With

Teachers and Boat Builders

We train teachers who teach in a variety of settings, including in school, CTE, after school and out-of-school.

Sea Scouts

We work with Sea Scout “ships” to provide training and hands-on projects that teach math and foster teamwork.

United Brotherhood of Carpenters

We train UBC Instructors and Journeymen to teach math on the job, and in the classroom.

Teaching with Small Boats Alliance

We collaborate with TWSBA member organizations that teach math, teamwork and other skills through boat building.

What We Provide

Online Training


Self-directed online training introduces hands-on teaching methods, projects and exercises to prepare for in-person training.

In-Person Training


In intensive, three-day workshops, trainees learn to apply methods, exercises and projects to their teaching environments.

Hands-On Projects & Exercises


Building To Teach hands-on projects and exercises can be tailored to a variety of ages and teaching environments.

Are you interested in Building To Teach training?

What Our Trainees Are Saying